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Frequently Asked Questions..

    • I Need A Website But Don't Know Where To Begin!

No worries, your in the right place then. You will need a domain name and a hosting plan.
We can arrange that for you.
If you don't already have a domain name the we can advise you where to purchase that,
steer you through the confusing jargon, build you a site, load it up and maintain it for you.
It's really that simple, all you have to do is tell us what you want.
If you click on the link below it explains exactly what we require from you to get started on your site today!

Sydney Web Designs Enquiry Help Page Click Here: Enquiry Form

    • How Much Will My Website Cost?

That depends on what you require. If it's a small tradesman type website, a coffee shop or something
similar, not much. Probably under a thousand dollars from initial consultation to loading it up & hosting it for a year.
If it's a corporate website, a forum, an interactive site or you require a lot of graphic design & artwork or content
management systems installed it will cost considerably more than that. It really depends on your needs, the
quality of the information & pictures you supply to us
Most people only need a simple website initially. If you already have that and require something more dynamic
then speak to us and we'll create it.

    • I Only Need A One-Page Site, How Much Is That?

One page websites DO NOT rate on search engines. You will need at least three pages for your site to gain
substantial web presesnce. If you really only want a very simple three to five page site and you provide good
quality pictures and information to us, it can be from as little as a five or six hundred dollars including a domain
name and one years hosting.

    • Can I Make Changes To My Website? (Site Maintenance)

Absolutely, websites are not set in concrete and can be changed whenever you require.
If it's only a minor or negligible change the cost will be minimal.
If it's a tiny adjustment a change of phone number or something the work may even be free.
If your business grows and the site requires re-designing and perhaps a larger hosting plan, it will cost a little more
but that's the nature of business growth and expansion.
If your site is interactive and you need monthly or weekly updates, we'll give you a discount maintenance rate for
continual work.
If you require changes to your site phone or email Chris.

    • How Long Will It Take To Build My Website?

This depends on your requirements and quality of the information that you supply to us.
A small personal or business website can often be up and running in under a week a larger more detailed site
takes a little longer.

    • Do You Provide Domains & Hosting?

We are not a reseller. We do however receive good discounts from our hosting partners due to the high volume
of sites that we create.
Don't just sign up for a hosting plan before you speak to us because the chances are we'll obtain a better deal
with a reputable company.
If you require an Australian domain then you will need a registered business name and registration number,
an ABN or a Company ACN.
If you are outside of Australia then you'll need to check the local requirements of your domain registration authority.

    • What Other Services Do You Provide?

We provide SEO on all the major search engines for the websites that we build and are able to build that
into your pages. If you have an existing site that's not ranking highly we can also look at that and provide
some advice or modify your site as required.
We also provide I.T. spport to small businesses and maintain workstations and servers. Details on our other sites.

    • Payments.

Payments can be made by Internet transfer, cheque or cash.
A deposit will be required to commence the design work. All designs, logos, artwork and files remain the property of
Sydney Web Designs Dot Com until full payment has been made.
Payments for domain registration and hosting are made directly to the provider usually by credit card.
A discounted monthly rate is available for regular site changes or updates.

For assistance with any further queries please contact Chris on our contacts page or Phone 0418 252 262.
* (International Callers Phone) +61 418 252 262

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